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College student commits suicide after alleged felony sexual battery.

Elizabeth Seeberg took her own life after allegedly being attacked by Congolese immigrant Prince Shembo who is a star football player for Notre Dame.

Seeberg committed suicide nine days after reporting the attack to University police. She received treatment at a local hospital. She also began receiving counseling from a battered womens shelter. At least one other Notre Dame football player had allegedly threatened her.

The Chicago Tribune suggests that Notre Dame may have tried to protect its star football player by hiding the crime from local police. They did not report it to the local special victims unit, which handles sexual offenses. Notre Dame did not even tell police about what their own records describe as an alleged felony sexual battery when local police opened an investigation into her suicide.

ESPN and others are now downplaying the crime calling it alleged “sexual misconduct.” The local South Bend Tribune insulted the victim by printing a false definition of sexual battery under Indiana state law.

The actual definition of Sexual Battery under Indiana State Law is this:

Sec. 8. (a) A person who, with intent to arouse or satisfy the person’s own sexual desires or the sexual desires of another person, touches another person when that person is:
(1) compelled to submit to the touching by force or the imminent threat of force; or
(2) so mentally disabled or deficient that consent to the touching cannot be given;

Local prosecutors say they will not open an investigation now since the victim took her own life.

Related: Texas High School Orders cheerleader to cheer for her own alleged rapist.

Believe it or not some very vile school officials actually ordered a high school rape victim to cheer for her own alleged rapist at football games.

From New York Daily News…

A former high school cheerleader who claims she was kicked off the team when she refused to chant the name of her alleged rapist is taking her case to the Supreme Court.

The cheerleader is asking for the country’s highest court to reverse an appeals court ruling dismissing the suit and ordering her (and her parents) to reimburse tens of thousands of dollars in legal costs, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The Texas girl, who is only identified as “H.S.,” claims that the school district violated her right to free speech when she refused to cheer for Rakheem Bolton, a star athlete at Silsbee High School. Bolton, along with his friend, she alleged, sexually assaulted her at a party in 2008.

But the school district didn’t agree with her behavior, and gave her the option of cheering for Bolton when he was on the free throw line at a basketball game or leaving the team, her lawyers allege.

Her lawyers argued that no terms in the cheer squad contract required her to cheer each time the squad began a chant and doing so violated her first amendment rights.

The victim is white and alleged perpetrator is black, so it’s a non-story. If the races had been reversed, this would be the biggest news story in the United States.