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Outrage after former black employee shakes down United Way for $700k.

A fired employee, who may have been an affirmative action quota hire in the first place, took United Way for 700k in a flim flam “discrimination” lawsuit.

In a poll by the Charlotte Observer, 85% said they oppose the settlement.

From Charlotte Observer…

The day after ending their legal fight with Gloria Pace King, United Way officials defended their $700,000 settlement by saying it would have cost more in legal fees to go to trial against their former CEO.

King sued the agency for discrimination and wrongful termination after it fired her in 2008 amid controversy over her compensation package.

The agency agreed to pay her $233,333, while its insurance carrier will pay $466,666. The United Way’s share will come from a variety of sources, including donor dollars from past campaigns and investment revenue.

King had sought a $2.1 million supplemental retirement account, plus about $500,000 in back pay remaining from her three-year employment contract.