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Overwhelming majority of Israeli Jews want Arab citizens stripped of political power.

Currently Israel is 25% non-Jewish. However the birthrate of Arab citizens far exceeds that of Jews. Arab political parties openly encourage large families and believe they will seize power through demographic change in only 25 years.

However, in the past few years Israeli Jews have reacted swiftly. Electing a right-wing/nationalist ruling coalition to power.  Some members of Israel’s most right-wing parties have even made overtures to right-wing parties in Europe.

This development has caused sharp divisions between Israeli Jews and American Jews, of whom 80% voted for Obama. Several large “Jewish organizations” in the US are nothing more than far-left groups run by Jewish people, who use their Jewishness as a weapon against criticism.

A new poll shows that 86% of all Israeli Jews believe that “critical decisions for the state should be taken by a Jewish majority.”

53% agreed that Israel should encourage non-Jewish citizens to emigrate.