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Paid Advertisement. Patriotic Flags year end liquidation.

Liquidation. Sewn nylon flags $24 with free shipping.

19 different designs while supplies last. 100% sewn and/or embroidered. Historical US flags and historical Confederate flags. Some southern state flags as well. Click Here. MSRP is $39.99 plus S&H. Get them now at wholesale cost in time to wrap for Christmas!

T-shirts $12. Printed Nylon flags $14.

European Pride t-shirts, $12.00 with free shipping. Screen printed by Black Forest T’s. Click Here.

Printed Nylon flags only $14.00 with free shipping. Four designs available. Confederate Jack, 1st National Confederate, Gadsden, and 1st Navy Jack. Now is your chance to stock up on high grade printed flags. Click here.

Christmas discount bonus. All orders over $52 worth of merchandise will get a 15.4% discount. All order over $104 will get a 23% discount.

Patriotic Flags