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Roy Blunt Refrains From Dream Act. News Team.

On the 2010 campaign trail, Missouri Senator-elect Roy Blunt took a fairly conservative position on the immigration issue: Blunt ran a campaign ad in which he called for increased border security as he strolled along the border with Mexico, and even proposed building “an effective fence in critical areas” to discourage illegal immigration.

That was then and this is now. When actually given an opportunity to put his vote where his mouth was, Congressman Blunt abstained rather than vote against the House version of the so-called “Dream Act,” a Democrat-sponsored initiative that would eventually grant citizenship to untold millions of illegal aliens residing in the U.S.

By failing to vote against the Dream Act, Blunt returned to the cowardly and unprincipled variety of Republican politics that has so angered American voters since 2006, and which ultimately brought us Barack Hussein Obama by default. Blunt’s actions follow in the long tradition of many Republicans before him, who have perfected the art of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory by antagonizing the conservative electorate which placed them in office.

Sadly, his actions were entirely predictable: Whenever he is confronted by an issue involving race, Blunt runs for the tall grass. While serving as Missouri Secretary of State in 1991, Blunt was in a position to investigate systematic black voter fraud in the April 4th St. Louis School Board election that would have given CofCC-sponsored anti-busing candidates a majority on the 12 member board.

Blunt did nothing, although eight months later, an audit revealed massive black voter fraud in which black Election Judges forged the signatures of thousands of black voters who never appeared at the polls. (It didn’t start in Florida in 2000…)

Those wishing to share their displeasure with Senator-elect Roy Blunt can reach his Missouri offices at either 417-781-1041 or 417-889-1800, or call the Rayburn House Office Building at 202-225-6536