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Utah state rep calls for nullification power for the state.

From Salt Lake Tribune…

If the president really doesn’t like an act of Congress, he can take out his veto pen and kill it. Rep. Rob Bishop believes states deserve to have a very similar power.

Bishop, R-Utah, announced Tuesday that he would sponsor a constitutional amendment that would allow states to reject an act of Congress as long as two-thirds of them were in agreement.

Dubbed the Repeal Amendment, it is the brainchild of Randy Barnett, a law professor associated with the libertarian Cato Institute. He believes the judiciary has failed to keep federal power limited and said the amendment would give states a prominent role in the nation’s system of checks and balances.

“It allows thousands of democratically elected representatives outside the Beltway to check the will of 535 elected representatives in Washington, D.C.,” Barnett wrote in an opinion column.

Bishop likes the idea of empowering the states, saying the amendment will provide “a powerful tool to check an overzealous and power-hungry federal government.”