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Virgil Goode: Republican pandering to Hispanics yeilds no reward!

Finally, a prominent Republican has the courage to say it!

From Human Events…

When I lost reelection by 727 votes in 2008, the open-borders lobby immediately credited my defeat to my opposition to mass immigration. America’s Voice, one of the leading pro-amnesty organizations, credited my defeat to “[t]he power of the Latino vote,” using it as an example of how voters “broadly rejected anti-immigrant candidates and politics.”

There are a few problems with this analysis. Hispanics make up only 1.6% of the Fifth Congressional District of Virginia that I represented, and an even lower percentage of the electorate. In addition, my Democratic opponent Tom Periello said that he opposed amnesty and wanted to crack down on employers of illegal aliens.

I’m sure I could have done things differently, but 2008 was a bad year for Republicans all around, in part because voters were furious at George Bush’s and John McCain’s support for amnesty. My district has two large demographic groups who vote Democratic: University of Virginia students and African Americans. These two groups of voters showed up in overwhelming numbers to support Obama, and Periello rode the coattails of his popularity.

But these pesky facts never get in the way of propaganda with the open-borders lobby.

Even though the tables are turned on the Democrats, the myth of the important Hispanic swing vote is still infecting both parties, whose directors think they need to move the parties to the left on immigration and pander to Hispanics to win elections.

The reality is that while Hispanics tend to vote more Democratic than white voters do, this is not due to their position on immigration. A series of recent polls by Rasmussen Reports—the polling company that most accurately predicted the 2008 election—show that Republicans who pander are no more likely to receive Hispanic support than those who do not.

Former Congressman Tom Tancredo, now running for governor of Colorado, was without a doubt the most vocal and effective opponent of mass illegal and legal immigration in Congress. Due to serious ethical problems with the Republican candidate Dan Maes, Tancredo is running as a Third-Party candidate on the Constitution Party ticket. He is making support for Arizona’s SB 1070 a centerpiece of his campaign and effectively criticizes the sanctuary-city policies that his Democratic opponent, John Hickenlooper, enacted while mayor of Denver.

The latest poll shows Tancredo at 38%—within the margin of error—of Hickenlooper who is at 42%. Maes trails far behind at 12%.

Tancredo is not only tough on the issue of borders but has also been portrayed as the most anti-Hispanic racist in the country by the Left and the media. The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart called him “the man Mexican parents tell their kids about to get them to eat their vegetables.” Nevertheless, Tancredo is polling at 19% among Hispanics.* This figure is far below his share of the white vote at 42%, but is no worse than that of most other Republicans.