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Worldwide media firestorm over Thor boycott continues.

For the fourth day in a row, Comic Book, Movie, Entertainment, and Celebrity Gossip websites have been talking about the CofCC sponsored boycott of the movie Thor from Marvel Studios. Sites all over the US, UK, and France are covering it. The UK Guardian, which has the second largest news site in Britain after the BBC, even covered it.

Earlier today a website called Penny Arcade published a cartoon, which is supposed to lampoon us. Numerous other sites, many of which already wrote about the story Thursday, are promoting the cartoon. The interesting thing is that in the second frame, of the three frame cartoon, the authors admit we have a valid point. Those who are supporting the boycott should feel honored. How often do the liberals admit we have a valid point when attacking us? The boycott thor campaign has really touched a nerve among the left-wing. has received some of the nastiest hate mail we have ever received. The left-wing knows that there is no reasonable way to defend re-writing black people into Norse mythology. So they just viciously hurl insults.

UPDATE: The creators of Penny Arcade talk about Thor in a new video they made. While they call us “racist” over and over they openly admit that other movie and comic book websites are being hypocrites in attacking us. They point out that the same websites were considered “valiant” for opposing M Night Shyamalan’s changing of Asian characters to whites in the movie Airbender. One of the creators of Penny Arcade even admits to owning and wearing a t-shirt attacking the movie for casting whites in the movie, which is about an Asian fantasy world. However these same websites are attacking the for saying that a white actor should have been cast to play a Norse God. The website has already been discussing this hypocrisy. Click here to watch.

From Penny Arcade…