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online casino does CofCC have a reason to be angry?

For the past 24 hours major comic book, movie, entertainment, and left wing news websites have been going absolutely insane over a sponsored launch of the online boycott Thor(2011, Marvel Studios) campaign. Dozens of websites, including several major ones are attacking and over this. The ones attacking us offer no debate whatsoever. They simply denounce us with infantile name-calling. (The UK Guardian newspaper is the latest left-wing mouthpiece to howl.) is one of the few that posted a more neutral article on the subject. They simply ask, “does the CofCC have a reason to be angry?”

There is one great response from a reader of that website:

Well, they have a point, to a point. Norse mythology was white because the people using it were white.

But I do find it insulting to black people. I mean, why not make a film based on African mythology with black people? Throwing a black guy into a mythological white role is a little patronizing, kinda like when someone claimed a black man invented the first ‘clothes dryer’, when in fact all he came up with was a hanger next to the stove.

But I don’t give a sh*t because I’m not watching this trash. And yeah, Marvel has always had a very annoying liberal, mult-cultural, politically-correct slant, but that’s old news.

But it is one reason I can’t stand their comic books, as I consider them an insult to my intelligence. They’re like one rung above Image in all respects.