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600 attend Chuck Baldwin rally in -5 weather.

Media completely censors massive Chuck Baldwin rally in Montana. A search on Google News shows a lone NBC affiliate reporting this event with a tiny blip.

Chuck Baldwin made his first public appearance in his new home state of Montana. Despite below-zero temperatures, nearly 600 people packed a Kalispell, MT Hotel conference room to hear Baldwin. The event took place last Tuesday, January 11th.

Anti- TEA Party rally in Montana is an epic failure.

After Chuck Baldwin’s event, left-wing radicals held an anti-TEA Party rally at nearby Flathead Community College the following Friday.  The rally featured two professional racism scouts, Devin Burghart and Bill LaCroix. Both men run their own SPLC style fundraising hustles in the Pacific Northwest.

Newspapers reported that fewer than two dozen people showed up and some of those were TEA Party activists there to protest the event! The speakers railed against the Council of Conservative Citizens at the flop event.

AZ shooting victim screamed a  death threat on live tv in Tuscon. Did the media’s caustic rhetoric against the TEA Party motivate this man to make a death threat during a live ABC-Tuscon broadcast?