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Arkansas Town Bans Confederate Flag Display

The mayor of a tiny Arkansas town raised a Confederate flag over city hall in honor of Gen. Robert E. Lee’s birthday. The flag flew for a few days and was taken down.  The all-white town council then voted to allow only the US flag and the state flag on the pole. Only one councilman voted against the measure.

Why would the leaders of the small, rural town of Marshall City take such a vote?  One man attending the council vote on the flag summed it up: Fear of the blacks. (Out of a population of 1300, only ONE resident is black.) This same council would never vote to ignore the MLK holiday or anything associated with the civil rights movement. 

Political correctness now has a stranglehold everywhere, including small, rural Southern towns with few blacks. Many isolated communities in Arkansas are white enclaves where the people have never been exposed to the liberal media. The Marshall residents in the Fox News video are obviously intimidated by the attention from the press. Too bad they brought it on themselves by acting as stooges for the PC crowd. Expect the SPLC to commend them for betraying their own heritage…