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AZ shooting suspect is radical left-wing screwball.

Mainstream media caught lying again. Accused AZ spree killer Jared Loughner is a leftist.

Immediately after the shooting spree that killed five, the media gleefully speculated that Loughner was part of the TEA Party movement.

It turns out, nothing could be further from the truth. The alleged shooter has now been described by multiple friends and acquaintances as a left-winger. He listened to communist rock bands like Anti-Flag and listed Karl Marx as one of his favorite authors online.

Contrary to the slanderous comments about right-wing/TEA Party motives, uttered on some “mainstream” media outlets, the shooter probably thought Giffords wasn’t left-wing enough. In fact, the radical left-wing published a diatribe against Giffords just two days earlier for not being left-wing enough!

The shooter has videos and postings online in which he rants about his own theories on currency, complains about illiteracy. He claimed that the US government used bad grammar as a form of “mind control.”

Gabrielle Giffords, who was nearly killed, is a moderate “Blue Dog” Democrat. The CofCC prays for the speedy recovery of Giffords and for the other victims.