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Black AZ Republican Resigns Post in "fear" of Tea Party

Anthony Miller, GOP chairman of Arizona Legislative District 20, resigned over worries he and his family would be the target of Tea Party violence. The fact that Rep. Giffords is a democrat is apparently lost on Miller. Giffords’ opponent in the last election was a Tea Party candidate.

“I love the Republican Party,” Miller said, “but but I don’t want to take a bullet for anyone.”  Miller had been a darling of the Arizona GOP because he is one of its few black members. 


In an e-mail sent a few hours after Saturday’s massacre in Tucson that killed six and injured 13, including U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Miller told state Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen he was quitting: “Today my wife of 20 yrs ask (sic) me do I think that my PCs (Precinct Committee members) will shoot at our home? So with this being said I am stepping down from LD20GOP Chairman…I will make a full statement on Monday.”