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Black race hustlers cause energy company to flee town.

Bogalusa, Louisiana is a small city that is 42% black. Local black race hustlers have been hounding local Canal Energy to the point that they are now leaving town.

Even the radical left-wing staffed Federal EEOC, which sued Abercrombie & Fitch for having TOO FEW black models in their catalog, has rejected claims by local race hustlers of discrimination.


A clearly angry Steve Fetter, president of Canal Energy and Services, which was hit with a lawsuit for alleged racial discrimination in hiring just before Christmas, denied any wrongdoing and said he’s pulling his company out of Bogalusa because of people like the plaintiffs in the federal suit. He also warned that his business would not be the only one lost to the city.

But first Fetter said he’s not worried about the suit filed in federal court on Dec. 22.

“Number one, this has already been rejected by the federal government and the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) once,” he said. “The federal government has interviewed, looked and gone through all our records and dismissed it.”

Fetter said the applicants were not qualified for the positions he needed to fill.

“These people were positively not qualified for any position in the oilfield,” he said. “And the BP (British Petroleum) incident showed the consequences of having inexperienced people offshore.”

Such an attitude of entitlement is bad for business, Fetter said.

“Just as Chrysler left Bogalusa, Canal Energy is going to leave Bogalusa and there will never, ever be a successful oilfield operation in the city as long as the people in the city have their hands out and want something for nothing,” he said.

Fetter said he has called the mayor and plans to make a comment to the city council on the situation. He said he cannot recommend that any company move to Bogalusa.