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Black woman allegedly tries to kill white woman in interracial relationship.

As we have shown you before on, black men have a femicide rate that is almost 9 times higher than white men. Meaning they are nine times more likely to murder a spouse or girlfriend. Further we have reported on a study that shows the black femicide rate increases even more when examining relations between white females and black males.

A white woman  is twelve times more likely to be murdered by a black boyfriend or spouse than if they have a white boyfriend or spouse.

A white female astronomically increases her chances of being a victim of domestic violence when she gets romantically involved with a black male. However this does not even take into account the violence directed and these women by black females.

There seems to be a growing trend of these white females being attacked by black females.


A Kansas City woman is in the intensive care unit of an area hospital, the victim of a hit-and-run that her husband says was racially motivated.

The 30-year-old woman, whose family asked be identified only as “Kathy,” was injured in the parking lot of the Apple Market grocery store on New Years Day when a woman who had confronted the woman and her husband in the store allegedly ran her over with her car.

Brenda Brown, 23, has been charged with aggravated assault, armed criminal action and leaving the scene of an accident in connection to the incident. Kathy’s husband, who asked to remain anonymous, says that the attack was racially motivated.

Kathy is white, while her husband and her alleged attacker are both black. Kathy’s husband believes that his interracial marriage may be the reason for a premeditated hit-and-run.

“(Brown) waited outside for 30 minutes until me and my wife came out and came behind the store and ran my wife down like an animal, like a dog, just left her for dead,” said the victim’s husband. “She said ‘That’s why I can’t stand white b**ches now’ and ‘I’m going to kill that white b**ch, I’m going to get her,’ is exactly what she said.”

The victim’s husband says prior to the attack, he and his wife were confronted by Brown inside the grocery store.

“She told my wife, ‘First of all, you look the devil, you need to get on your knees and pray,’ because my wife has blonde hair and blue eyes,” said the victim’s husband.

Prosecutors say surveillance cameras show Brown sitting in a car, apparently lying in wait.