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Blow by blow documentation of fake Fox News story.

To viciously smear Jared Taylor and American Renaissance, Fox News used a fake source. Then changed their fake source to an unspecific source with a false claim as to how the unspecified source obtained the information. Then invented a new fake source to explaining why the original story turned out to be false!

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Take a look at this screen shot. I took this of the Fox News website at 2:30 AM Monday morning. Fox News flunkies, in their haste, changed the source of the memo to an unspecified “law enforcement” agency in the first line but did not change it in the title.

The title of the article still contains the phony baloney claim that it is a “DHS Memo.” In the third paragraph you can see the doctored up line from the memo that Fox News changed.

Then, Monday morning, Washington Post writer Greg Sargent called Fox News on their fraud. He interviewed a DHS spokesman. This spokesman said the information did not come from the DHS. The DHS never told anyone that Loughner was possibly linked to any group. In fact the DHS was not giving anyone information about the shooter, because the FBI was in charge of doing this!

Was Fox News remorseful about perpetrating this fraud? Did they make a retraction? Absolutely not! Fox News spent much of the day Monday attacking other news networks for their accusations against Sarah Palin and others, despite making the vilest accusation themselves. In the midst of their self-righteous indignation at other news agencies, Fox News covered up their original fake story with a new fake story.

Fox News correspondent James Rosen was seen live still claiming that the “possible link” allegation was copied from a DHS memo unto an unsourced “law enforcement memo.” He then says, “A new DHS memo does not mention the group.” The entire statement is a fraud, as the DHS had already said they did not make the claim at all! Rosen slurred American Renaissance, not as anti-Semitic, but this time as “white supremacist.”

As best I can tell the reason for this vicious smear campaign by Fox News was to deflect attention away from Sarah Palin. True, the attacks on Sarah Palin were wrong. However, Fox News could have taken the high ground. They could have defended Sarah Palin with dignity instead of stooping even lower than the other news agencies.

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