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CofCC challenges Tim Wise at lecture.

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On Tuesday January 25, 2011, several members of the PA/NJ Chapter of the Council of Conservative Citizens traveled to Lehigh University’s Packard Laboratory to attend a ‘lecture’ by the white-hating so-called anti-racist Tim Wise who was the keynote speaker at the University sponsored Martin Luther King Jr. Week Celebration. [Yes, now he gets a whole WEEK]

The ‘lecture’ was held in a large auditorium in the beautiful Gothic-style Packard Laboratory Building and was attended by about 250 people with a wide range of ages and backgrounds; however most appeared to be University students, staff, and faculty.

Members of the PA/NJ Chapter decided to attend the event to witness first hand the insidious disinformation being disseminated by white-hating Tim Wise and his supporters as well as hoping to gain an opportunity to publicly confront him on his venomous hate-rhetoric.

As stated, the lecture was promoted and sponsored by Lehigh University; more specifically the 2011 Dr. Martin Luther King Committee which is comprised of 13 University Staff members and two student representatives, nearly all of which are non-white. Additionally, the radical left leaning and deviancy promoting 501c(3) non-profit Speak Out is the organization responsible for pimping Tim Wise to Lehigh University, as well as over a dozen others on this speaking tour, for the tune of several thousand dollars for each appearance.

Mr. Wise was advertised as the keynote speaker for the event, but his lecture only scarcely mentions marxist and plagiarist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. aka Michael King, son of black preacher “Daddy King”. Instead, Wise makes passing jokes about the the real or assumed dishonesty of white people who claim to have supported or “were there” with King while concentrating most of his lecture on his loathing of White people by referencing various presumed historical instances of institutional and inherent societal racism which he attempted to legitimatize with mention of various studies, reports, and legal transcripts.

Make no mistake, Tim Wise is an intelligent and clever lecturer who combines fact and reality with twisted misrepresentation of historical events in a manner that deceives the unsuspecting and uneducated into accepting him as an authority on history and his statements as an indisputable truth.

In reality, however, he is a master of dissimulation. He says everything, yet nothing, and designs his lectures and speeches to flatter the crowd while providing the less observant little room for criticism and dispute. Most of the attendees were university students who may or may not have been in attendance under their own free will, but who no doubt have been groomed to absorb and accept his type of hateful rhetoric their entire academic career.

Wise was preaching to the non-white student, faculty, and staff of a very exclusive and expensive ($52K per year tuition) in the audience that they are being oppressed and discriminated against by white people and the inherent ‘whiteness’ of American culture and society. It is very difficult to believe these wild assumptions since  ANYONE present at this university will witness the complete opposite of discrimination, not to mention the well established and prolific Council for Equity and Community and their commitment to diversity initiatives on campus. The fevered hypocrisy of this was addressed during the very brief and ‘controlled’ question and answer session by attending CofCC members.

His avoidance of King was a smart tactic on his part. Had he addressed the subject of King directly, he would risk having to deal with the possibility of having members in the audience challenge him on the type of man they were celebrating. There is little defense other than lying and outright denial to the factual evidence of King’s prolific plagiarism attested to in numerous credible sources such as leftist academic David J. Garrow (Journal of American History, June 1991, pg 87), a Boston University research committee which in concluded ” There is no question but that Dr. King plagiarized in the dissertation. ” (New York Times, October 11, 1991, pg 15), and King researcher Michael Hoffmann’s book Holiday for a Cheater. Not to mention the evidence of King’s communist affiliations such as his membership in dozens of communist organizations, attendance at communist organization and planning events such as the Highlander Folk School (The Augusta Courier, July 8, 1963, pg 4), and the numerous closet and self-proclaimed communist agents, spies, agitators, and organizers that King surrounded himself with, which are too numerous to mention here.

He did not have to mention the uncomfortable reality of King in his lecture to convey his obvious marxist and un-American belief system. Wise had no reservations about demonizing the founding fathers as white supremacists for their institutional slavery and the ‘obvious’ hypocrisy of telling white Americans to “get over it, it was a long time ago” in relation to our July 4 celebrations and our fight for Independence from British rule.

During the question and answer session, he was confronted by the CofCC with the fact that despite the brief existence of slavery in America, white people were the only group or race that ever totally eliminated slavery from their societies. Other nations such as Israel and Sudan both engage in slave trade practices, with a significant portion being the sex-slave trade of white women, all perpetrated by non-whites.

Wise goes on to absolve all non-whites of their wrong doing by saying that we can’t blame them for playing into the roles presented to them and we should not expect blacks that are in positions of influence among their people to criticize poor behavior or ask their own to rise up and be better members of society. The story handed to this audience was that the only possible explanation for the problems inherent to races other than whites is a “system of racism that we choose to ignore” perpetrated though the generations by white people.

Differences of class and economic status between whites and non-white, claimed Wise, are not the result of genetics, intelligence gaps, or work ethic (or lack thereof) but instead are the result of racial discrimination by whites to non-whites. He goes on to use the example of the Wall Street meltdown and housing collapse as a example of this by noting that the perpetrators were all white. In reality most of these people were indeed jews, but also, a very large number of people that lost their homes and economic viability were white. That being acceptable, we however are not to be expected to hold any non-white responsible for not understanding the financial and business deals they engage in.

Once the careful execution of marxist social engineering was complete, the speaker opened up the floor for questions and answers. The first two or three were completely benign questions to Wise that allowed him to further sweeten the taste of the snake oil he was selling the crowd of mostly young university students.

Wise then responded to the questions posed by the PA/NJ Chapter of the CofCC. And to Mr. Wise’s credit, he allowed the questions to be asked and he did respond, although he did not address the challenges in a manner that truly answered them. He contested every question and statement with the reiteration of some study or report. He ultimately resorted to ridicule and humiliation tactics and then dismissed his challengers as uneducated on the subject matter. He stated that if they wish to question him they need to come his lectures prepared with references, which he fully knows no one can do without having foreknowledge of his topics of discussion.

Tim Wise has mastered Ignoratio Elenchi or ‘The Red Herring’, meaning that every argument of the premises that he presents in his lecture is logically unrelated to his conclusions up to and including his responses to questions and challenges. The bottom line is that his lecture was really about nothing at all. Nothing except a myriad of well-practiced ways to demonize whites and blame them for the short-comings of non-whites.

Everyone who is reading this article is encouraged to attended future Tim Wise lectures in their area and challenge him on the facts (or rather mis-characterization of facts) so that perhaps someone in the audience is wakened from their slumber and sees the hypocrisy that is being disseminated to them. A list of future events can be seen on the Time Wise profile at the Speak Out website.

— The PA/NJ Chapter of the CofCC