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online casino ads on Craiglist work!

Occasionally readers post a link to this site on craigslist. These ads are highly effective and the staff at greatly encourages you to try. Most people place their ads in the “rants & raves” section. This is kind of a public free for all that has become very popular in many cities. The traffic you generate for will be people in your own city.

Typical links to on craigslist generate much more traffic than a typical link in blog comment post or forum message. Each post on craigslist generates visits to this website from people in your city. Craigslist is one of the most effective places to post a link to this website. Here are some craigslist posts from the first half of January.

These are the top performing craigslist posts for January so far. Click the links to see what other people posted to get ideas.

Las Vegas, generated 194 visitors to

Memphis, generate 158 visitors to

Lacrosse, generated 69 visitors to

Charleston, generated 62 visitors to

Huntsville, generated 55 visitors to (This is the absolute simplest post. Posted only put title and url with no message.)

Atlanta, generated 51 visitors to (Another extremely simple post.)

There are dozens more. Typical craigslist posts generate 10-35 visitors. readers have started effectively utilizing facebook. This website has received 3,422 visitors from links on facebook so far this month.

Another strategy that has been suggested is to post comments on articles that Drudge Report is linking to. This articles get tens of thousands of readers.