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online casino to take on Black History month lies.

Each year, the media, schools, and public libraries often celebrate black history month with fictional claims about black inventions. Egalitarians/liberals justify these claims by saying it will raise the self-esteem of young blacks and help them perform better. However every psychological test of the past fifty years shows that black children already have higher self-esteem than white children. Black militant groups, like the Nation of Islam, promote these black history myths aggressively. Not to promote black self-esteem, but to say that blacks are superior to whites.

No matter who is promoting these myths, the staff at think that they are tantamount to slander against the actual white inventors.

Each day in February, will be debunking a common black history month fantasy. The first twelve days have already been scheduled.

The Cell Phone
The Battle of Fort Pillow
The Dust Pan
The African Slave Trade
The Refrigerator
Tango Dancing
Peanut Butter & Potato Chips
Ice Cream
The Traffic Light
Blues & Rock Music
The Air Conditioner

However, we need your help. It is not enough just to read the truth yourself. We need you to take action yourself. When your local paper prints these fantastical lies, send letters to the editor challenging them. Teach your children to politely challenge these myths in the classroom. When you see a display at your public library with these hoaxes, ask to talk to the manager and demand proof of the claims.

After the election of Barack Obama, the media and schools got even more aggressive in promoting these hoaxes and we believe this year will be no different.

There is an excellent database of black invention myths that includes documentation of who the real inventors are. Black Invention Myths.