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Daily Kos slams SPLC as a fundraising scam.

A hard core left-wing news site known as Daily Kos joined with right-wingers in slamming the SPLC as a scam fundraising hustle.

Photo: A picture of the palace that Morris Dees calls his home in Montgomery.

From Daily Kos…

For Dees, the P in SPLC has nothing to do with personal poverty. That P better stands for profit or profiteering for him, and foolish donors keep sending him checks, thinking they’re helping poverty-stricken blacks or whites in Alabama move into better housing.

Since we’re on the subject of abodes in the Yellowhammer State, let’s have a gander at where Dees lives courtesy of the May 2010 Montgomery Advertiser 60-photo feature just on his mansion, the opulent furnishings and layout, not to mention a fabulous outfit shown off by his wife: