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Damage Control after NAACP attack on George Washington.

The State, South Carolina’s largest daily paper, has a history of working hand in hand with the NAACP. Now they are running damage control for the group. There has been a huge outpouring of anger online over the NAACP covering up a statue of George Washington.

According the The State, the NAACP always covers up the statue with a massive wooden crate to post “display items” on the crate.

This claim is easily dis-proven. No “display items” were placed on the giant wooden crate! If the NAACP wanted a billboard, they could have placed it anywhere! This was not a billboard, it was an attack on George Washington.

The NAACP attacked George Washington and now whites in the liberal media feel embarrassed. This is not the first time this has happened in SC. The entire Alan Greene saga, who the NAACP supported, turned the SC Democratic party into an international laughing stock.