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Fox News viciously tars Jared Taylor and American Renaissance.

UPDATE: Fox News lied about the memo. It did not really come from the DHS.

Complete documentation on the Fox New HOAX story demonizing Jared Taylor.

Update: Jared Taylor has issued a public statement.

Jared Taylor is smeared by the radical left on a regular basis. He has also been the victim of harassment, death threats, and even physical violence from the left-wing. He has always taken the high ground and urged civility. He is a man of great class and integrity. The Fox News and the HuffingtonPost and other left-wing outfits are demonizing Taylor with false claims to promote their own agendas. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Because Fox News blatantly lied about the source of the memo, some of the original content of this is now irrelevant and has been removed. Since there is no real evidence any of the slurs against Jared Taylor and American Renaissance originated from DHS, apologizes for blaming them.

Memo claims  the Arizona shooter has “no direct connection,” but “possibly linked to this group[American Renaissance]” and calls American Renaissance [Amren] “anti-Zog.” The accusation, which is apparently based on materials on the suspect’s computer, is beyond absurd. Amren receives thousands of visitors a day, and some percentage of that traffic are leftists who are simply snooping.

Several left-wing websites and left-wing columnists have intentionally misreported on the memo as if the so-called “possible link” was a fact.

What does “no direct connect,” but “possibly linked to the group” actually mean?

Massive factual errors in the memo show incompetency of the author. The same DHS memo tarring Jared Taylor and Amren also has the following statement: “Gabrielle Gifford is the first Jewish female elected to such a high position in the US government.” What? Two of the women are the United States Supreme Court are Jewish females. There are two Jewish women who are United States Senators. The DHS author of this report is a goon who doesn’t know anything about politics or the US government.

Left-wing drug user. The shooter had at least one previous arrest that involved drugs. He was rejected by the US Army because of drug use.

Note: Amren is a publication, not a group. The “anti-Zog” slur appears to be an obscure term used by some neo-Nazi groups. Amren has never used this term in the publication’s history, nor has it ever been uttered by any speakers at their conferences. In fact, this webmaster has attended two Amren conferences and met several Jewish people who are regular attendees.

From FoxNews…

But Taylor, a 1973 graduate in philosophy from Yale University, told Fox News on Sunday that he had never heard of Loughner until Saturday and has checked the group’s records going back 20 years and has not found any subscriptions for Loughner to American Renaissance publications.

He added he has no indication that Loughner ever attended any of the group’s events, which have been held on the East Coast where the organization is based.

Taylor also denied references to the group as being “anti-ZOG.”

“That is complete nonsense,” he said. “I have absolutely no idea what DHS is talking about. We have never used the term ‘ZOG.’ We have never thought in those terms. If this is the level of research we are getting from DHS, then heaven help us,” he said.

Media did the same thing after the Columbine killings. Remember the horrific Columbine killings? The media immediately reported, and some outlets still report, that the killers were neo-Nazis. One of the killers was Jewish. Both of the killers wore makeup to school and flaunted their homosexuality by holding hands. One of the killers had a website in which he declared his hatred of “racist people.” The killers listen to radical left-wing music. The date of the shooting spree was chosen based on the day that a favorite left-wing rock band was officially breaking up. Yet, to this day, the “mainstream” media is hiding all these facts from the public.

Politically motivated violence in the United States is overwhelming committed by the left.

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