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Don't Take Down That Flag!

Exclusive to
by L.R. Olsen (website)

In this modern era of altered history and political correctness, our Southern history and heritage often fall victim to distortions and half-truths. Unaware of the facts, people are easy prey to those who would use them as tools in their sleazy political agenda. This is what happened January 17 in Columbia, South Carolina, when hundreds of people marched demanding that the Confederate flag be removed from Statehouse grounds. Since most were outsiders, (Detroit, etc), what right do they have to come here, making demands, without full knowledge of our heritage and history?

Here are some facts. Of the 224 years that slavery was legal in this country, the Stars and Stripes or the British flag flew every one of those years. The Confederate flag flew just four years. In 1776 all 13 colonies held slaves and slavery was guaranteed in the Constitution. Not one Confederate ship brought in slaves and the majority of slaves came in through northern ports and sold by northern slave dealers. If you want to hate a flag of slavery, why not the Stars and Stripes? The British brought in the majority of slaves. Hate the Union Jack. How about the Dutch, Portuguese or Spanish flags? All slave trading countries.

Following the politically correct logic of today of guilty by association, you would have to ban the Stars and Stripes since the KKK frequently marches using only the U.S. flag and not the Confederate flag. Other groups that the politically correct crowd finds offensive also use both the Stars and Stripes and the Christian flag so condemn all the flags and be consistent!

That would be rather ridiculous, wouldn’t it. Easier to just condemn one flag.

Since about 75% of the South was Ulster-Scottish or Scotch Irish, the Confederate battle flag was designed after the national flag of Scotland to represent their Celtic heritage. The cross of Saint Andrew represents Christ and displays faith in the sovereign God of heaven. Lincoln and the Radical Republicans who were the driving force behind the war believed in a secular humanist philosophy but the South was predominantly Christian and they chose a flag which represented their faith and heritage.

It can be proved that Lincoln had no desire to free the slaves and did not believe in equality between the races. Before the war the South funded about 80% of all taxes. The North wanted a 40% tariff and the South said no, you can have 10%. Lincoln said, okay, you keep the slaves and we’ll keep the tariff. The war was about money for the North, freedom from oppression for the South. Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation did not free one slave. As a matter of fact, Lincoln had no authority over Southern slaves, the only slaves covered in the Proclamation. The Proclamation was a political ploy. There were slaveholders in the Northern armies fighting the South whose slaves continued in their bondage.

The Confederate flag honors those who fought for their families, homes and freedoms. They fought for constitutional rights. The flag represents those who opposed unlimited federal government. When the South lost, the federal government became stronger and now look at the mess we are in today. Government is in every aspect of our lives. The Confederate flag represents a limited view of government and freedom from tyranny for all people of all races. That’s why the East German people used it when they tore down the Berlin Wall. That’s why the people of Poland, Hungary, Lithuania and the Ukraine adopted and used it as they freed themselves from the tyranny of the Soviet Union. That’s why Quebec used the Confederate flag when they attempted to secede from Canada. Not because these peoples wanted to enslave Africans but because these people understand that the Confederate flag represents liberty and freedom and independence from governmental tyranny for all people, regardless of race.

Blacks knew and understood this powerful message once and history shows that many blacks embraced their own Confederate dead. Sadly, emotionally charged politically correct rhetoric has turned the noble sacrifice of over 250,000 Confederate soldiers of both races into a mockery. One of the disturbing results of this twisted history is the NAACP covering the statute of George Washington during their rally, finding him too offensive for their people. If they would just take the time to study the truth they would find that Washington, as did Robert E. Lee, inherited his slaves. Washington, detesting the institution of slavery and working within the constraints of his day, ordered them freed upon his death. His freed slaves remained loyal to his family long after his death.

Those of us who cherish and honor the memory of our ancestors who sacrificed for our country will not hide our heads in shame just because they fought under the flag of the Confederacy. Our Confederate soldiers fought and died for this country. Their sacrifice is no less noble than those who perished on Flanders Field, the shores of Normandy, the swamps of Vietnam or the desert of Iraq, probably more. We own them our respect and gratitude.