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FOX News lied about DHS Memo.

All day long Sunday we heard over and over on Fox News that the DHS issued a memo claiming a “possible link” between the shooter and American Renaissance. The memo is crudely written and contains blatant factual errors. It also makes slurs against Jared Taylor that even Taylor’s critics at the ADL & SPLC say are not true.

Suddenly Fox News has reclassified the memo on their website. Now they claim the memo is from an unnamed local police source! Why did Fox News lie about the memo? Why is Fox News the only national news network that has been making allegations against Jared Taylor?

Talking Points Memo editor David Kurtz first noticed that Fox News had changed their description of the memo on their website.

Here is an exact quote from the Fox News website from before they began using the new description. “An internal memo obtained by Fox News put out by DHS compiling facts known so far about the case.”

Fox News is now saying the memo is written by someone, connected to some police department, somewhere, containing some content allegedly coming from a DHS source.

Fox News is apparently standing by the content of the alleged police memo. However online statements and videos by the shooter have been scrutinized and reveal no mentions of American Renaissance or any other conservative groups.

Fox News even changed the content of the memo! Fox News fixed a major factual error in their original version of the memo.

“Gabrielle Gifford is the first Jewish female elected to such a high position in the US government.” – Memo on Fox News website Sunday.

Fox News has now re-written this line to read “Congressman[sic] Giffords is the first Jewish female elected to high office in Arizona.”

At this point, can we believe anything Fox News says concerning the shooter at all?