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Greece to build border fence with Turkey.

The Turkish border with Greece is one of the main places that illegal aliens from Turkey, Iraq, Ethiopia, and other places enter Europe.

From RTT News…

Greece on Monday announced plans to build an 8-mile long fence along a section of its land border with Turkey to keep out illegal migrants.

The border fence plan was announced by Public Order Minister Christos Papoutsis, who claimed that more than 100,000 illegal migrants had entered Greece though the porous border with Turkey just last year alone.

Pointing out that Greece has reached its limit in taking in illegal migrants, Papoutsis stressed that his government was determined to build the border fence to help in cutting down the number of people crossing over the border illegally.

The proposed fence would cover an 8-mile stretch of the Greece-Turkey border near the north-eastern Greek town of Orestiada. The stretch of border does not run along the Evros River, implying that there is no natural border separating the two countries along the 8-mile stretch.

The development comes just over a month after EU border agency Frontex deployed 175 border guards along the Greece-Turkey border in the Orestiada area, following a request from Athens for assistance in guarding its land border with Turkey to stem the flow of illegal migrants.

It was the first time that EU’s rapid intervention border teams were called into action since their creation in 2007. EU Internal Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem said in a statement in November that the situation at the Greek land border with Turkey “is increasingly worrying.”