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Hawaiian Governor vindicates Tim Adams, Political Cesspool, and CofCC.

[youtube X9fdsz1iqEE]

Tim Adams, a former Hawaiian election official, announced that Obama had no Hawaiian birth certificate during a live broadcast of the Political Cesspool radio show at the 2010 CofCC National Conference. Tim Adams, the Political Cesspool radio show, and the CofCC were attacked on national news networks over the story.

The Governor of Hawaii vowed to produce the birth certificate and prove all of us wrong. The Governor has now publicly admitted that he can not produce Obama’s birth certificate. Read more at the Political Cesspool.

From American Thinker…

During an interview on the KQRS morning radio show on January 20, Mike Evans, a long-time friend of Hawaii governor Neil Abercrombie, shared a conversation he had with the governor the day prior. The reader is advised to judge for himself the credibility of Evans’ account, but he sounds convincing.

Evans, Honolulu born and now a Hollywood-based celebrity journalist, claimed that Abercrombie had promised him that when he became governor, he planned to find absolute proof that Obama was born in Hawaii.

When Evans spoke to Abercrombie on January 19, Abercrombie reportedly told him that he searched the relevant Hawaii hospitals using his powers as governor, and concluded, according to Evans, “There is no Barack Obama birth certificate in Hawaii, absolutely no proof at all that Obama was born in Hawaii.” After Abercrombie made such a fuss about finding the birth certificate, Evans concluded of his friend that he has “got some egg in the face.”