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Kanye West new album cover after Walmart ban.

Kanye West, who has been honored as a role model by the NAACP and Nation of Islam, titled his new album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.”

A music video that goes along with the album depicts Kanye West holding women captive, and posing in bed with the corpses of dead white women. He even holds the bloody severed head of a white women in one scene. It seems that the title “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” is about his desire to kidnap, rape and murder white women.

You would not believe the artwork that Kanye West wanted for the Album’s cover. This is it. However, Walmart refused to carry it and a second version has been made for Walmart and others.

Kanye West described the man pictured on the couch as himself! The album is available for sale at online retailers like with the original cover art.

And here is the new cover which has been made for copies of the CD sold at Walmart, Target, and other retailers.

So What is this cover supposed to represent? It’s titled “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” and video published to promote the album depicts Kanye in bed with dead white women.

Is the fair-skinned ballerina supposed to be Kanye West’s prey?