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Latina NPR reporter calls white people "gringos."

A Latina reporter for NPR says that the Latino community breathed “a brown sign of relief” when they learned the AZ shooter was a “gringo.”

NPR Reporter Daisy Hernandez

It’s safe to say there was a collective sigh of brown relief when the Tucson killer turned out to be a gringo. Had the shooter been Latino, media pundits wouldn’t be discussing the impact of nasty politics on a young man this week — they’d be demanding an even more stringent anti-immigrant policy.

Gringo is a highly offensive racial slur for white people. It technically refers to someone of English ancestry. However, since the killer has an Anglicized German surname and a Jewish mother, it is being used as a blanket racial slur in this context.

How is that for CAUSTIC RHETORIC? And it’s coming straight from tax payer subsidized liberal NPR.

Related: JTA tells Jewish publications to drop “anti-Semitic” claim. The baseless claim made by Greta Van Susteren, that Giffords was the victim of an anti-Semitic attack, is officially dead. Susteren posted on her personal blog that a “possible link” between Loughner and American Renaissance, using a source that Fox News falsified, was proof of this.

JTA is a news wire for Jewish publications. On Monday it sent out a bulletin chastising Jewish publications who had eagerly jumped to the conclusion that Giffords was shot because she was Jewish. According to the JTA, Giffords discovered when she was 30 that her father was born Jewish. She converted to Reform Judaism and entered politics about the same time.

Now the JTA has sent out a bulletin asking Jewish publications not to mention that Loughner is also half Jewish. Apparently weary of theories about Loughner being a “self-hating Jew.” Loughner had made anti-Christian and anti-God statements in public. His friends say he was “non-religious. However, authorities found what appears to be a voodoo shrine in his parents backyard that belongs to Loughner.