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Leading left-wing "watchdogs" say DHS "memo" is false.

Some of the harshest left-wing critics of Jared Taylor and American Renaissance say the DHS memo is bogus.

ADL statement in Christian Science Monitor

Mark Pitcavage, director of investigative research at the Anti-Defamation League, is skeptical about any hard connection between Loughner and American Renaissance.

“The fans of American Renaissance tend to be older and they tend to be intellectuals or pseudo-intellectuals,” says Mr. Pitcavage. “Based on the limited nature of [Loughner’s] internet footprint suggesting his thoughts and beliefs, there’s nothing to lead one to think he would lean that way. It’s perplexing to us that there is a notion of a substantial connection.”

Mark Potok, the spokesman for the SPLC told reporters that “Jared Taylor is not an anti-Semite.”