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Left-wing DEMANDS ethnic segregation in Sudan.

The American left-wing, which constantly chants “diversity is our strength,” is calling for the forcible breakup of Sudan along ethnic lines.

The American left-wing, led by Clinton and Albright, forcefully broke up Serbia. They handed the province of Kosovo over to illegal immigrant Muslims from Albanians. These illegal aliens had been waging a murderous campaign of genocide against Serbian citizens. Many of the Albanian militants were trained by terrorist groups in Central Asia, including Al Qaeda. Now these same militants are the biggest drug traffickers in Europe and have launched a jihad against neighboring Macedonia.

Now the American left-wing wants some more new countries.

An independent Kurdistan, because diversity is bad for the Kurds.

An independent Palestine, because diversity is bad for the Palestinians.

An independent Southern Sudan, because diversity is bad for the Christian and Animist Africans.

Left-wing NPR aired a diatribe calling on the Obama administration to forcefully break up Sudan even if the people vote against it. However, polls show that 95% of Sudanese Christians and Animists support seceded from Sudan. Naturally their leftist rant blames white people for all of Africa’s present problems.

Hillary Clinton, who’s husband ordered the brutal bombing of Serbia, is at the forefront of calling for an ethnically divided Sudan. Why isn’t Hillary in the Sudan teaching Sudanese about the wondrous joys of multiculturalism?

In the Sudan Muslim Negroes are murdering and enslaving Animist Negroes. The media distorts the conflict by calling the Muslims Arabs. In fact, the Muslims in Sudan have extremely little Arab blood.

Why are the same people screaming that “diversity is our strength,” applauding the breakup of nations along ethnic, racial, or religious lines? How can diversity be a strength for America but a cause for bloodshed everywhere else in the world?

Photo: “Sudanese Arabs.” The small amount of Arab ancestry comes from one thousand years of Arab slave traders trafficking Negro slaves through the region to North Africa and the Middle East.