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Leftwing Journalist to Headline Anti-Amren Rally

Leonard Zeskind (pictured), a left-wing ideologue who wrote the discredited NAACP report attacking the Tea Party Movement, is en route to Charlotte, NC, to  protest against the American Renaissance Conference.

Earlier today, American Renaissance founder Jared Taylor held a press conference where he notified Mayor Pro-Tem Patrick Cannon that he intended to file a lawsuit against the city of Charlotte if accommodations were not made to hold the AmRen gathering. Cannon did not reply, but the news conference apparently stimulated a flurry of activity among militant left-wing groups.

The Southern Anti-Racism Network is the apparent host organization for the AmRen protest, with the North Carolina Green Party, the violence-prone One People’s Project, the South Carolina AFL-CIO, and the South Carolina Progressive Network  listed as participants.