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Media still silent over racially motivated shooting spree in Redlands, CA.

A brutal killer is at large in California, as is a possible accomplice. The unknown assailant launched a premeditated ambush against a group of black teens in a park in Redlands, CA two weeks ago. He killed two, and maimed two others.

The shooting was racially motivated and comes on the heels of a series of racial incidents in the community. One of the victims appears in an internet video committing a racially motivated attack on someone who is the same race as the suspected shooter.

News has been quarantined to South California only. Most news reports showed no pictures and made no mention of race. Some articles even deliberately misrepresented the shooting spree to make the reader think it was a common black on black gang shooting. Very few news outlets have even run the police sketch of the shooter!

Why? Because the shooter was Latino.

Imagine for one second that the killer had been white. This would have been a major international news story. Pundits would have screamed WHITE man kills BLACK teens over and over on the national news. However, the shooter was Latino, so it is a non-story.

 The deceased have been buried and there is hardly a peep outside of the immediate vicinity. Only the local newspaper included pictures of the victims and funerals. The media, even in California, seems completely uninterested in catching the killer.

A bomb scare in Spokane, Washington, which may have been targeting blacks, has received international coverage. It has already received twenty times the coverage of the Redlands shooting spree in which two died and two were seriously injured. In the cause of Spokane, the suspected races of the perpetrator and potential victims are screamed at the top of the article. Even though most of the participants in the annual Spokane MLK Unity Parade are white, the media is claiming the intended victims are black.

The so-called “mainstream” media couldn’t care less about the victims of the racially motivated shooting spree in Redlands, CA. It doesn’t fit into their agenda.