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Militant JDO on FaceBook

An extremist Jewish group described as “militant” by the mainstream media and the ADL, maintains a FaceBook page despite language which seems to violate FaceBook rules.

The JDO describes itself as “a militant Jewish group dedicated to the eradication of Jew haters.” It is a splinter group of the Jewish Defense League. Wikipedia reports that the JDO is a branch of the Kahanist movement, a violent Zionist movement founded by Meyer Kahane.

The terrorist JDL, which was implicated in the attempted assassination of an Arab-American congressman, was also affiliated with the Kahane movement. The leader of the JDL, Irv Rubin, committed suicide in prison after his conviction for conspiring to kill the congressman. Bruce Goldstein, one of the worst spree killers in world history, was a JDL member from New York City. He traveled to the West Bank and opened fire inside a Mosque killing 29 and wounding 150.

The JDO, headed by Mordechai Levy (pictured above), runs a paramilitary camp in the Catskill mountains to train young Jewish militants in weapons and martial arts. Levy was a member of the JDL during their notorious bomb campaign in 1981. Levy was arrested during the investigation of the bomb attacks.

In 1989, after splitting with Irv Rubin, he opened fired on Rubin hitting an innocent bystander. His sentence was a slap on the wrist; Levy served only 18 months in prison. In 1993 Levy was sentenced to another short prison stint for kicking a twelve year old boy in the testicles at the Catskill mountains camp. In 2001, he was named as a person of interest in a yet unsolved anthrax attack on an anti-Zionist Rabbi.

You can view the JDO Facebook page HERE. Complaints can be lodged against this website for posting “violent” content.