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Most shocking video of black youth culture this webmaster has ever seen.

As webmaster of I get sent a lot of internet videos that highlight the horrible state of the black community in America. However this video, which appears to be from the Caribbean, is more shocking than any I have ever seen from the US.

A video is circulating the net that shows several adult Spanish speaking black women instruction and encouraging very young black children to grope each other and dance in highly sexual provocative ways while listening to American rap music. At one point an adult women encourages a boy who appears to be about four years old to “grind” on her. “Grinding” is a euphemism for dancing that simulates sexual intercourse.

You can hear some of the adult women yell out sexually charged encouragements. When one young girl of about 10 or 11 becomes particularly aggressive the adults cheer her on and one yells “she has nymphomania” in Spanish.

After the music stops the adults pick out the best “performers,” and have the other children vote on which one they liked best.

Warning: The video is shocking and highly disturbing. Several of the women in the video should be arrested for child abuse. We are not going to remote host this one on like we normally do with videos, do to the fact that it involves children. It is being hosted by

Could scenes like this soon be coming out of American cities like Detroit or Atlanta?