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MSNBC makes multiple anti-white slurs.

MSNBC seems to be on a campaign to demonize white people.

Last week Chris Matthews used an anti-white racial slur over the air. He says any white person who criticizes Obama is a “cracker.” Matthews has previously stated that “it is my job to make Obama presidency a success.”

[youtube kS-ttgrzuAE]

Monday, radical Marxist Micheal Moore went on the Rachel Maddow show to slur white people again. Moore claimed that white people only buy guns because they “fear people of color.” Moore has a radical anti-gun documentary where he promotes a conspiracy theory that the NRA was founded by the Ku Klux Klan in order to keep black people in line. He even accuses Charleston Heston, who marched with Martin Luther King, of being anti-black.

Moore has a long history of sluring all white people. However he is also a complete hypocrite. He lives in the whitest metropolitan area in the entire United States.