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MTV's 2nd place "dapper gentlement" winner arrested for murder.

Baron “Dirty” Colon was arrested for allegedly committing murder during a failed heist. What is unusual about this thug, besides his nickname Dirty Colon, is his promotion by MTV.

MTV, a cable network aimed at teens promoting non-stop sleaze, apparently has a competition show for fifteen “real lifegangsters.” The contestants compete to see who can become the most “dapper gentlement.” The winner is given $100k and membership in a made up club.

Dirty Colon came in 2nd place during the season he appeared on the show. We could not make this up if we tried.

The staff at could not believe this was even a real show. We had to look it up on youtube to make sure this was not some kind of fake story.

[youtube zKzQe4OCXXA]