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National media censoring racially motivated shooting spree in California.

Did the CAUSTIC RHETORIC of the militant Latino political lobby spur this Latino man to target black teenagers in a Redlands, CA shooting spree last week? Is the media purposely ignoring the shooting, because it does not fit into their agenda?

The horrific shooting of four black teenage boys by a Latino suspect has received less than 1% of the media coverage of the shooting spree in Arizona. Two of the victims died and two others were seriously maimed.

While the killing of a Federal judge and the maiming of a Congresswoman do warrant substantial attention, it is easy to see that the “mainstream” media favors certain crimes over others.

The “mainstream” media likes stories that can be manipulated to fit into their left-wing agenda. A story about the racially motivated shooting of four black teens by a Latino suspect does not fit into their agenda. That is why this shooting spree only received minor local coverage in Southern California.

Even then, local media is making almost no mention of the suspect or the motive. The killer is still at large, and could strike again. The local media is not warning people. The police sketch is not being shown, despite the eminent danger he poses. Redlands police believe the motivation was racial and that the killer may have had an accomplice to help him escape the scene. None of this is being mentioned outside the city of Redlands.

Can you imagine if the California shooter was white? Imagine how different the media response would be.

The national organization MECHA has tens of thousands of members and organizes students clubs at High Schools and Colleges. Their logo is an eagle holding an Aztec club. The weapon was historically used for warfare and torture. Some of the materials have bore the phrase “For the Race everything, Outside of the Race nothing.” The organization calls for the creation of a new country in the American southwest called Atzlan.

Latino groups routinely used imagery based on the Aztec. The Aztec were probably the most violent culture to ever exist in central America. Their deities demanded constant human sacrifices, which were culled from neighboring peoples.

Ask yourself why the militant Latino racial lobby chooses to use Aztec imagery, even though most of them are descendants of the victims of the Aztec.