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Never let a good tragedy go to waste.


Never Let A Tragedy Go To Waste: Gabrielle Giffords, Jared Taylor And The Agenda Of The Left

By Alexander Hart

When I first heard of the mass shooting of Gabrielle Giffords and 11 others in Tucson, my thoughts were of the victims. I had met with Congresswoman Giffords on a couple occasions, and—as is commonly being said—I found her to have a pleasant, very magnetic personality.

Even a handshake and a few words really brings tragedies like this home on a personal level.

This is not to say that I supported her politically. Giffords has long been of interest to patriotic immigration reformers because her district is on the border, and because of her own artful stance. She was a “Blue Dog” and some conservatives are trying to claim her as one of their own, but Giffords was generally if surreptitiously on the wrong side of the immigration issue.

She attempted to increase border security, voted for E-Verify, and opposed the Obama administration’s lawsuit against SB 1070. However she opposed SB 1070 itself, and co-sponsored the STRIVE Act amnesty while claiming to have some reservations. (See also here, here, here and here).

Giffords was elected over Randy Graf in 2006 and Jesse Kelly in 2010. Both of whom would have been among the best in Congress on immigration.

But whatever our differences, like everyone at, I do not wish any physical harm to our opponents—to say nothing of the innocent bystanders.

This should go without saying. But, given the agenda of the Left, the Department of Homeland Security, and Main Stream Media, these simple sentiments need to be restated.

While Americans grieved, the Left did not wait until the bodies were hauled off to start using the attack to suppress the free speech of their ideological opponents. Before the names were drawn, the first smear victim was Sarah Palin.

Palin had “targeted” Giffords’ race and used a crosshairs over Giffords’ district on a website map.

After such a tragedy, this metaphor looks unfortunate. However, this is hardly fair. In 2004, the Democratic Leadership Committee issued an almost identical map with similar bulls-eyes on Republican districts they hoped to pick up in Red States, which they referred to as “behind enemy lines” .

For that matter, the liberal DailyKos wrote that Giffords is “Dead to me” after she voted against Nancy Pelosi for House Minority Leader last week.

The appalling Rep Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) has taken the lead in the smear campaign. According to the Huffington Post:

“‘The climate has gotten so toxic in our political discourse, setting up for this kind of reaction for too long. It’s unfortunate to say that. I hate to say that,’ Grijalva said in an interview with The Huffington Post. ‘If you’re an opponent, you’re a deadly enemy,’ Grijalva said of the mindset among Arizona extremists. ‘Anybody who contributed to feeding this monster had better step back and realize they’re threatening our form of government.’

“Grijalva said that Tea Party leader Sarah Palin should reflect on the rhetoric that she has employed. ‘She — as I mentioned, people contributing to this toxic climate — Ms. Palin needs to look at her own behavior, and if she wants to help the public discourse, the best thing she could do is to keep quiet.’

[Grijalva: Tea Party Must” Look At Their Own Behavior, Ryan Griffin, Huffington Post, January 8, 2011]

Note that Grijalva’s true intentions come through—he does not even discuss rhetoric, he simply says he wants Palin to shut up completely.

Of course, Grijalva gives no example of Palin using the words “enemies” to describe her opponents. But the same cannot be said of President Obama.

A week before the 2010 election, he said that Latinos should “punish our enemies”—whom he explicitly defined as opponents of mass immigration.