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New issue of Citizens Informer shipped.

The latest issue of the Citizens Informer newspaper was shipped Friday, January 2st to all CofCC members and Citizen Informer subscribers.

Highlight of this issue:

CofCC National Board Member Leonard Wilson, Esq. writes about the harassment campaign against former Alabama state trooper James Bonard Fowler. This man was the victim of a vindictive black district attorney being egged on by the SPLC. In 1965, Fowler had no choice but to shoot Jimmie Jackson, a black rioter, in self-defense. Jackson’s wound was not critical. However he perished at the hospital of an overdose of anesthesia. His doctor was a black man practicing with a restricted license. Jackson’s own doctor admitted he had died due to mistakes made during his treatment at the hospital.This was confirmed by the autopsy.

Jimmie Jackson, the violent thug who left a permanent scare on Fowler’s face, is comically declared a “civil rights matyr” by the radical SPLC.

Yet 40 years later, the SPLC and black race hustlers revived the case. They called it a “civil rights era murder.” The Alabama CofCC raised money for Fowler’s defense. However, as the case dragged on for three years, Fowler was forced into bankruptcy. Fowler’s attorney made a deal that foiled the SPLC. The murder charge was dropped and Fowler agreed to plead guilty to unintentionally killing Jackson. A special sentence was pre-arranged in which Fowler would serve a few months in Geneva County jail, one of Alabama’s whitest counties, where he would be well looked after. He only had to spend his days in jail. He was released at night to sleep in his own house.

Not only did the SPLC fail, but the outcome of the case has left local black race hustlers fighting each other.

This issue also contains articles on affirmative action, behavioral genetics, immigration, suppression of free speech on college campuses, white identity politics, and more!

This issue also contains four pages of activity reports from 14 states, as well as national and international reports. Pictures, letters to the editor, and comics are also included.

There is nothing else out there like the Citizen Informer. This is the only hard-right paleo-conservative newspaper of it’s kind.

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