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New Years Day Link Bomb!

The staff at is asking all of our readers to participate in what we are calling the “New Years Day Link Bomb.”

December 2010 was one of the biggest months in the history of We set a new one week traffic record and a new one day traffic record.

According to Alexa, the world’s leading estimator of internet traffic.’s American audience has soared past other major right-wing site like

In fact, our American audience is now equal to the SPLC’s website! Despite the fact that the SPLC has a yearly budget of $15 million dollars and the support of hundreds of daily papers.

During Christmas and New Years traffic drops. We need to get the momentum going again.

So New Year’s Day, I need you to post at least one link to somewhere on the internet. Websites like craigslist, your favorite forum, or a popular blog are great places to post something with a link to

You would be suprised at how much traffic each post on your local craigslist page generates. Typical from 10-30 visitors per posting. In November, we received 150 visitors from a single post on the Honolulu Craigslist about black on white crime. People usually post messages in the discussion forums section under “politic.”

Also, the next big Political Cesspool online fan party is this Saturday! Come to at 6:00 PM EST and talk to other fans while you listen to the show.

Suggestion from a reader:

Post a comment on a news story that Drudge Report has a link too and include the address. These stories get large amounts of traffic from Drudge Report and these people will see the link.