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Nigeria rolls out red carpet for white farmers.

[youtube tsiXmzSwor8]

The Al Jazeera reporters acts like white farmers and their black foremen have simply come to Nigeria for better economic opportunity. The truth is far different. Mugabe seized most white farmland in Zimbabwe and urged his followers to beat and murder whites and any blacks who worked for them. Mugabe gave all the farmland to his political cronies and they all lie in ruins. The tiny population of white farmers used to feed the entire nation and still have enough produce for a large export business. Today Zimbabweans starve and rely on Western aid for food.

The same process has begun happening in South Africa. With ANC supporters carrying out brutal farm invasions. The leader of the ANC national youth league has even led crowds of supporters in singing “Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer!”

[youtube _WqSpHA1uUM]

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