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Nike "Black History Month" sneakers honor Kobe Bryant.

Nike shoe company associates Kobe Bryant with Black Pride.

Nike is releasing four black and gold sneakers called their “Black History Month” sneakers. Each one of the designs “honors” a different black athlete.

Of all people, Nike decided to make one of shoe in honor of Kobe Bryant. Many people find this tasteless. Bryant was once charged with rape. The charges were dismissed after an undisclosed settlement to the victim. Out of all the hundreds of black athletes, why did Nike choose Kobe Bryant for one of its four Black History Month role models?

Nike Kobe Bryant Jacket features Black Power flag patch.

Nike is also releasing a Kobe Bryant Jacket that features a Black Power flag. The green, black, and red tri-color designed by Marcus Garvey appears on the left shoulder. Garvey was a black nationalist who wanted to move American and Caribbean blacks back to Africa.

The flag was originally intended to fly over a future independent nation in Africa made up of American born blacks.

Today, it is commonly called the “Black Power” flag or the “Black Nationalist” flag. It is widely used by radical groups like the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther Party.