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Obama Praises Peaceful Secession of Southern Sudan

The southern region of Sudan that is mostly Christian and animist voted overwhelmingly this month to secede from the predominantly Muslim north. President Obama congratulated Sudan on Sunday for splitting without violence or civil war:

“The sight of so many Sudanese casting their votes in a peaceful and orderly fashion was an inspiration to the world and a tribute to the determination of the people and leaders of south Sudan to forge a better future,” Obama said.

As with South Korea and South Vietnam, the US has always supported the independence of southern nations from hostile northern aggression… everywhere in the world except for the United States of America.

The next four years mark the 150th anniversary of the War of Northern Aggression in America, yet commemorations of this event are being stifled by black militants and the liberal press. Mention of Southern independence here is met with scorn and ridicule. While the American South is vilified for practicing slavery, Sudan’s own slave problem goes unnoticed by both the media and the President. Why isn’t the Muslim Sudanese North condemned for enslaving Southern Sudanese “blacks”?  Will a Southern Sudanese army of liberation invade Northern Sudan to free all the slaves there, and will the US support such an action? The US tolerates the practice of slavery everywhere but still hypocritically proclaims the American Civil War was fought to end slavery.