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Sarah Palin Love Letter to MLK

Anyone who believes Sarah Palin is a true conservative, much less presidential material, should read her homage to Martin Luther King.  Palin burps up the usual falsehoods about King being a godly man and a self-sacrificing humanitarian.

In fact, King rarely mentioned Jesus Christ because he DID NOT believe in Christ’s virgin birth, His resurrection, nor His divinity. King’s own biographer described him as a Marxist.

We would know much more about King if the government would release the FBI files on his lurid activities. Maybe WikiLeaks can access this highly guarded information and release it to the public.

What we gather from various sources about King, including his closest confidant Ralph Abernathy, is that King was an abusive, foul-mouthed drunk and womanizer. (While watching President Kennedy’s funeral on TV, King made obscene comments about Jackie kissing her dead husband. Maybe that’s why Republicans regard King as one of their own…)

Read her very short ode to King at Fox News.