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SC CofCC immigration campaign bears fruit in State Senate.

Photo: The SC CofCC held a rally against the Senate Amnesty Bill that attracted over 1,000 participants.

Between 2006 and 2008, the South Carolina CofCC held numerous demonstrations and protests against illegal immigration in the state.

Back in 2006, SC Senator Lindsey Graham and AZ Senator John McCain were co-introducing a massive Senate Amnesty bill with MA Senator Ted Kennedy. Conservatives in South Carolina were furious at Graham. A few key Republican allies of Lindsey Graham in the legislature stalled enforcement bills to keep the heat off Graham.

In 2008 the South Carolina legislature was forced, kicking and screaming, to pass a bill cracking down on employers of illegal aliens. The bill was actually a very watered down version of superior bills already passed in other states. However, very little enforcement of the new bill has actually taken place. With 68% of Americans supporting stronger enforcement, it is not surprising that there is a great hue and cry in South Carolina for something better.

Now public anger has forced John McCain and Lindsey Graham to completely abandon their amnesty goals. Whereas they previously introduced a massive amnesty bill with hardliner Ted Kennedy, in 2010 they both voted against a much smaller amnesty bill called the DREAM ACT.

Now that even Lindsey Graham is calling for a secure border, South Carolina legislators  have absolutely no reason to stall on the issue. Almost immediately after the new session began, a Senate Judiciary Sub-Committee voted 3-1 to send an Arizona style enforcement bill to a vote before the full committee. CofCC National Board member Col. Slimp addresses the sub-committee on immigration before the vote.

The bill, S 20, was introduced by Larry Grooms and has 18 other sponsors.