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SC NAACP demonizes George Washington.

Each year, the SC NAACP marches in Columbia on MLK Day. The march always ends with a rally on the statehouse grounds. In past years, speakers have called for the removal of the entire Confederate soldier monument. The media falsely reports that they only want the Confederate Battle flag removed from the statue.

This year the NAACP expanded their attack to include a statue of George Washington. The statue, which stands at the top of the statehouse steps, was covered up by a giant wooden box.

A spokesman for the NAACP said that the statue of George Washington was covered “so as not to offend anyone.” It is a violation of South Carolina state law to cover up a state monument. SC Code of Laws (section 10-1-165)

Most of the attendants are single mothers with their children, who are bused in from as far away as Detroit. In past years it has reportedly cost the NAACP over $50k for buses, vans, hotel rooms, and free meals. However, attendance was way down this year.

Back in 2000, the SC legislature agreed to let the NAACP design their own monument on the statehouse grounds. The monument they designed depicts completely fictional accounts of slavery. It is intended to stir up animosity against white people.

The NAACP Monument to slavery on the SC Statehouse grounds is in part based on this “slave ship” diagram. It is a fabrication that has been denounced by all respectable historians. It was drawn by an abolitionist in Britain who had never even seen a slave ship.

The addition of the NAACP monument to slavery was part of a “compromise” political deal to move the Confederate flag from the top of the statehouse dome to the Confederate soldier monument. The compromise package was meant to appease the NAACP. However, the NAACP immediately reneged on their pledge to drop the issue and began agitating against the statue.

The SC CofCC held Confederate flag marches and rallies for seven years to defend the Confederate flag and keep it flying on the capitol dome.