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Why did the NAACP defend this violent monster?

Remember the rape victim who was put through hell by her school. They ordered her to cheer for her own alleged rapist.

Did the school board order a cheerleader, Hillaire, to cheer for her attacker simply to appease the local NAACP bullies and keep their star basketball player? It seems hard to imagine, but appears to be the case

When other thugs began harassing Hillaire at school, the school officials simply told her to avoid the lunchroom and after school activities. The behavior of the white school officials can only be described as vile and despicable.

A mountain of evidence and eyewitnesses exist that say this cheerleader was brutally attacked by two black males, including Bolton, at a party.

When the victim’s mother came to get her daughter, Bolton came out of hiding and allegedly threatened to murder her and eight other students.

Bolton was eventually slapped on the wrist with 150 hours of community service and a misdemeanor on his record.

“Hillaire was collateral damage. It was easier to fight one family than the NAACP and the entire community.” – Victim’s Father.

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