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Will national TEA Party leaders finally stand up to the NAACP?

In this video from last summer, Tea Party Express spokesman Mark Williams slams the NAACP and makes professional race hustler (and fellow member of Obama’s militant black power church in Chicago) Martin Roland look like a fool. Despite this excellent performance, Mark Williams resigned shortly after the interview. TEA Party Express leaders apparently thought he was too radical. After he resigned, the media only attacked TEA Party Express even harder and said Williams’ resignation was proof the group is “racist.”

A rival group, TEA Party Nation, has suddenly come out fighting the NAACP. They published a list of “top five liberal hate groups” which includes the NAACP, the SPLC, the SEIU, the ACLU, and Department of Homeland Security.

“To the NAACP, anyone to the right of Karl Marx is a racist” – Judson Phillips, head of TEA Party Nation.