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Zimbabwe style institutionalized thuggery in Charlotte, NC.

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by Kyle Rogers

Chris D’Angelo Cannon is an elected Charlotte city council member and the acting mayor of Charlotte. Based on an e-mail he wrote, he appears to have abused the office of mayor by using it to bully a local Sheraton Hotel into canceling a reservation by American Renaissance. An anti-democratic tactic usually reserved for dictators like Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

Cannon portrays himself as some sort of hero for black people, for getting the Sheraton to cancel. He thinks white people should not be able to organize and speak about race in Charlotte. He shows EXTREME hypocrisy when it comes to black people. He is a life member of the NAACP. He belonged to an all black fraternity in college. He is a member of the Charlotte Black Political Caucus, and the National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials.

Cannon has spent his entire political career organizing black people by race, framing every argument in a racial context, and advocating for black people. However he says white people not only shouldn’t do the same thing, but they should not even be allowed to do the same thing.

It seems Cannon went to the Robert Mugabe school of politics.