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Rotterdam's Moroccan mayor: immigrant criminals too unintelligent for rehabilitation.

Ahmed Aboutaleb is the Moroccan-born mayor of Rotterdam, Netherlands. He represents the left-wing labor party, and was hailed as “Obama on the Mass.” He is the first Moroccan to be elected a mayor in the Netherlands. According to wikileaks, he was courted by the US government. He was given an all expense paid trip to the US by the Bush administration in 2004 as part of a program to “win the hearts and minds of European Muslims.”

However, he sent shock waves through the Netherlands after discussing crime in his city. Aboutaleb told the public that Afro-Caribbean and Moroccan criminals have such low IQ scores that “little can be done with them.” He also said that a shockingly high number of Moroccans in jail suffer from schizophrenia.

“The IQ and the mental ability of [Antillean & Moroccan] detainees is so low that there is not much you can do with them.” – Aboutaleb aka “Obama on the Mass.”